ESD Design for Analog Circuits

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These devices are functionally Zener diodes, but with a much larger P-N junction area. As a result, they will tolerate significant reverse current with only minor degradation.

ESD, - Analog Circuits and Design mit Leseprobe von Steven H. Voldman

These will fail short circuit in the event of overstress. Such malfunctions can manifest as sporadic and unpredictable resets or toggling of digital circuits. Shielding: Shielding around sensitive circuitry can help. Circuitry that may benefit from shielding includes high-gain, wide bandwidth amplifier stages, voltage references, and the inputs to data converters.

The ADCs' analog input is sensitive of course, but the clock and data lines to DACs and multiplexers muxes can also suffer. If you have control over set-up time, that can prevent ESD glitches from doing things like confusing the DACs and switching muxes to an incorrect channel. Good power and ground planes: These can shunt ESD into the decoupling network and prevent damage or upsets in circuits. What ESD-related phenomenon have you seen?

ESD - An Analog Design Viewpoint

Are your designs fairly robust or do you find yourself with a few head scratchers in qualification? Any other methods you use with sensitive analog circuits? I guess most common example of a natural spark is lightning, wherein the electric potential between a cloud and ground, or between two clouds, is typically hundreds of millions of volts, also not to miss due to it gets more complicated when we look at the concern that dielectric nature of electronics component and assemblies, electrostatic charging can not be completely prevented during handling of devices.

ESD Gun which set 0. High voltage could be programmed in the tool. Thanks for a great article, as IC process-technology nodes continue to evolve and get smaller, they become increasingly more susceptible To ESD damage, not just in manufacturing process but also in the real-world environment. Gadgets like smartphones, laptop and computers introduce could introduce a more severe level of ESD, its is important to know that survival through the manufacturing process does not guarantee survival in the real-world environment, an ESD protection like ESD supressors, may be ncessary its a good idea to have this.

Design Ideas: Circuit Protection. Poll: Circuit-Protection Devices. I am curious understand about design challenge. As the average pin count for modern ICs increases to above pins, the total stored charge increases, which translates into a significantly increased peak ESD current.


The most important basic step is good physical isolation of the electronics and good EMI design. Use insulating materials in the mechanical design to increase isolation. Insulate around displays, keypads and buttons especially. Another important step is pay attention to your reset circuit. Avoid long traces. Beware of excess lead length if you have leaded components. ESD can jump to a lead. Keep traces away from the perimeter of the PCB and round pads and traces near the perimeter.

DaeJ — I think there are detailed protocols and test techniques set out in the various standards that describe precisely how these ESD tests are to be performed. More to the point, if you have an IC with that many pins, you'd need to add lots of ESD protection to all of them. But maybe not all would need the same amount of protection. Peak voltage and current levels may vary. And what effect does that have regarding inducing voltage gradients and current flows in nearby conductors.

A good question my friend. I think ESD is trying to go to power or ground. If you have a wired connection to outside the box or system; ESD wants to go out on that wire and you get a higher current if your system is wired to the outside world rather than isolated. If you test a hand held battery powered device that is not hooked to a charger, that is an easy device to protect because the current won't be high unless it has somewhere to jump to through the device.

Like for example, if you test the device on a metal table instead of a insolated table. You want ESD protection devices to take you to the system power, ground or a big cap as soon as possible. On thing you'll notice on some of these external interface ports is longer ground connections.

That has a dual purpose.

You want to make the ground connection first for electrical reasons, but you also want ESD hits to go to ground. Sometimes a capacitor is good protection for ESD against induced failures.

To answer your question about the voltage gradient, you want to get the ESD current to the system single point ground for the power. You have the biggest cap there and it keeps the ESD from getting there through a processor or other sensitive chip. Here is another point: if you have an isolated wall wart, the ESD will blow right through it. After many hits the insulation breaks down and the current keeps increasing and makes the system more sensitive. One advantage engineers have today is that chips have much better ESD immunity than back in the 80s when these problems started getting noticed.

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ESD: Analog Circuits and Design

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The trusted news source for power-conscious design engineers powerelectronicsnews. The chapters cover technical material from elementary semiconductor structure and device levels up to complex analog circuit design examples and case studies.

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The book project provides two different options for learning the material. The printed material can be studied as any regular technical textbook. At the same time, another option adds parallel exercise using the trial version of a complementary commercial simulation tool with prepared simulation examples. Combination of the textbook material with numerical simulation experience presents a unique opportunity to gain a level of expertise that is hard to achieve otherwise. The book is bundled with simpli?

ESD Protection: why and how to protect microcontrollers efficiently

The simulation examples prepared by the authors support the speci? A key idea behind this project is to provide an opportunity to not only study the book material but also gain a much deeper understanding of the subject by direct experience through practical simulation examples.

ESD Design for Analog Circuits ESD Design for Analog Circuits
ESD Design for Analog Circuits ESD Design for Analog Circuits
ESD Design for Analog Circuits ESD Design for Analog Circuits
ESD Design for Analog Circuits ESD Design for Analog Circuits
ESD Design for Analog Circuits ESD Design for Analog Circuits

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