G-D is a Flaming Liberal

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Providing that one of each of the moderators promise to vote Democrat, Republican, and Independent this coming election just kidding.

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Petty and undeserved insults contribute better to a bar brawl than it does a forum debate. Go do it at the bar around the corner, not here.

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Keeping in mind that the current state of affiars is what caused this sort of situation to occur, doing this will solve nothing and merely prolong the problem. It will become so inundated with trolls, flame threads, and pure nonsense that it will eventually be abandoned by the participants, and then closed due to lack of use.

Initial couple of months at SIMSR, Mumbai at a glance

If you want to kill it slowly, this is the way to do it. An idea in and of itself, but it would still need to be properly moderated and members made to play nice. This I believe, is a key issue to resolving this situation.

Break them, and you are barred. Sometimes discussion is completely subjective. The only other problem I see is where the line is actually drawn. Or if I started that, would it be tolerated? When I started it WAS fun. For months though it has been a chore which eats up huge chunks of my free time. I fully understand why CC previously resigned from the post.

And to clarify Jen, you were suspended specifically for violating a forum policy which explicitly states that if you have an issue with a moderator ruling on an issue, you take it up with the site owner, admin, or another Mod privately. Had this not been a formal written forum policy, it would not have been an issue.

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I have to disagree with your whole approach. The whole purpose of the 1st ammendment was to protect political speech no matter how aggregious we find it. The Supreme Court is still wrestiling with these issues even today, expecting a moderator to decide them is folly. Switch, being on the outside looking in I realize that perhaps I missed some of what happened. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. Not really fair for you to engage in an argument, sneak in a final word, then lock out the person you were arguing with from responding.

It was an abuse of your position, given your intimate involvement in the argument that was going on. It was like saying your final word, then using your position of power to shut up the opposing view. I have no problem with the thread being closed and if some other moderator had made the decision independently that would be fine.

But the situation just looked wrong the way it worked out.


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Ryan S. JSP: The rules pretty much ARE restricted to actual criminal actions, unless you think handling an issue you have with a Mod by contacting an admin or another mod is too much, or unless you want a pure unadulterated flame fest, in which case there are many, many other forums to fill that need. And GOB: It was a plagiarized post that caused the issue, and it is not the first time plagiarism i. She was previously suspended for plagiarism earlier this year.

Political Discussion venue of the AxisandAllies. It exists as a courtesy to the forum users to allow the discussion of non-Axis and Allies topics. Abuse of this forum will not be tolerated. Excessive problems caused by the use of the forum can result in the removal of users from the forum, as well as temporary or permanent closure of the forum. This forum is to diuscuss all matters regarding politics, religion, policy, current events, or other similar issues. The following are are prohibited: 1. Ad Hominum attacks. Discussing issues and disagreeing with an issue is permitted.

Personal attacks are not. Flaming is explicitly prohibited. A flame is considered a blatant and ill-intentioned attack on a fellow forum member for a particular post or viewpoint posted by that forum member. The use of racial slurs, open racism, or advocacy of genocide based on race are considered flames against an entire group and are thus prohibited. Whether a comment is a flame or not is up to the discretion of the moderators.

Flame Baiting is explicitly prohibited. Baiting is a comment intended to draw a fellow forum member into making a flame. Whether a comment is baiting will be up to the discretion of the moderators. All posts are subject to the laws of the United States of America. As such, any activity or post which violates those laws is explicitly prhobited. Questionable posts should be reported. The Moderators of this site have exclusive and final authority as to what constitutes a violation.

Questions regarding any of these policies should be directed to any of the site moderators. Questions regarding any decision of a moderator should be directed to site co-owner Yanny. And to be honest, after re-reading the rules, I have let a HECK of a lot slide by over the past several months that should NOT have been permitted to let stand. Register Login. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Then we must all encourage each other to play nice on the GD and PD forums.

Other than extreme immaturity And after all, this place is first and foremost a gaming site. Jennifer : Works for me, the level of idiocy on display in the PD has been astronomical for a long time. Given our tendency to compartmentalize, a common strategy is to parcel out critical thinking to the faculty and distribute character development to residential life and the extracurriculum. In activities ranging from music ensembles and student publications to varsity athletics and community service, students find outlets to develop personal habits and social qualities that they will need after college.

These activities, as meaningful as they are for students, are not necessarily linked, however, to the distinguishing characteristic of college, which is intellection.

Guide G-D is a Flaming Liberal

Faculty sometimes lament that residential life does not do enough to keep the intellectual flame alive. The tables are rarely turned. Hardly, in the current climate, will someone in residential life criticize faculty for ignoring moral formation. The increasingly accepted position after all is that faculty members are no longer responsible for moral formation, and if they were to engage in it, they would surely do a poor job. But faculty members do not ignore moral formation. Despite their caution, reticence, and open denials, faculty members are heavily engaged in the moral formation of students.

The critical inquiry model and the moral formation model are not so easily separated. As Mark Schwehn notes in Exiles from Eden , many intellectual pursuits presuppose virtues of character, and so the two often develop in tandem. For example, to prepare well for each class by completing all assignments, rereading materials, making appropriate notes, and reflecting thoughtfully is to elevate study over other available pleasures and is as such an illustration of temperance.

To renounce such pleasures, despite their legitimate allure, for a higher value is both a character virtue and an intellectual virtue.

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Discussion classes test and develop many additional virtues. To listen carefully to the views of others and to weigh them honestly, giving them a full hearing with your utmost attention, even if they should contradict your initial inclinations, is to practice a form of justice. To participate in the give-and-take of discussion by asking clarifying questions of other students, offering evidence to support your own positions, or proposing alternative perspectives in light of disagreements is to exhibit respect for other people and for the common value of truth.

To encourage effectively the participation of others and successfully draw good ideas out of them is to exhibit intellectual hospitality. To challenge the views of interlocutors without making the attack personal, and thus without drawing them away from the search for truth, is to practice diplomacy. To search for truth is to be engaged in a variety of character virtues. To think an issue through to the point where all angles have been explored and every ramification considered requires discipline and perseverance. A willingness to abandon previous beliefs in the light of more compelling evidence presupposes a capacity for flexibility and self-overcoming.

Patience and striving are both fostered when students recognize that, despite their best efforts to date, their tentative answers to a given puzzle remain inadequate, and they must continue to delve further. Similarly, if we lack certain character virtues, then we will make intellectual mistakes. Arrogance leads us to think that our abilities are greater than they are and that we see more than we really do, which can lead to our dismissing arguments that might indeed be worthy of our attention.

Similarly, if we become defensive or emotional, the clarity of thought needed to make a wise decision suddenly becomes cloudy. An indulgence in worldly things disproportionate to their actual worth can distract students from the focus and concentration necessary to handle difficult and compelling questions that require extended attention. Complacency can result in students not devoting the effort and discipline to understand an issue fully. Greed can lead us to elevate external recognition over ideas themselves and can even tempt us to dishonesty and the fabrication of data, a violation of one of the necessary conditions for truth and a culture of truth.

Along with academic preparation, motivation is the greatest indicator of success in college Kuh et al. For faculty members to ignore motivation as irrelevant or to overlook the wide array of character traits noted above is to lessen chances for student learning. Such abandonment may also reduce opportunities for postgraduate employment, given the interest among employers in integrity and motivation, passion and discipline, and interpersonal and teamwork skills. Not only do we as faculty members educate students in virtues and values, we want to do so.

When I served as dean, overseeing some five hundred faculty members, I had a simple box lunch with a random group of seven or so faculty members about three times a week. The full hour was devoted to whatever topics faculty members wished to discuss—questions about policies, suggestions for improvements, whatever was on their minds.

At least two-thirds of the time, the topic was how to get more out of our students, how to help them learn more, flourish more, become more ambitious, develop as intellectuals. That is a faculty that cares about students and about student learning beyond the simple acquisition of technical skills, a faculty that wants to have a broad and lasting impact on students. Little has pleased me more than receiving notes from former students thanking me for having played a formative role in their development.

My experience is not isolated. The desire to have a salutary impact on students is widespread, and so it is perhaps fair to say that faculty are as conflicted as students: while students seek financial gain and answers to their great questions, faculty members want to focus on disciplinary knowledge and critical thinking but also rejoice when they have connected with a student in a deeper and more meaningful way.

G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal
G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal
G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal
G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal
G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal
G-D is a Flaming Liberal G-D is a Flaming Liberal

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