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I enjoy dressing nicer on Sunday morning than I do the rest of the week. When I dress up for church it makes me feel like I am putting on my best for God. I think God loves us no matter how we look.

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I know this verse is directed towards wives, but I think it can be a good reminder for all of us to not get so wrapped up in having the latest clothes, jewelry, etc. How we adorn ourselves on the outside means nothing in comparison to how we adorn ourselves on the inside. Reading the Bible, praying, and gathering with other believers are all ways we can adorn ourselves on the inside. I believe that if we have Jesus in our hearts, His light will shine brighter than the finest jewels. That is all the adornment we really need. Facebook Blessings Overflowing.

Not your grandma’s brooch

Still, it can be overwhelming to consider the best ways to wear the style without feeling outdated. Traditionally, brooches were worn on the front lapel This placement remains the most timeless and elegant position for adorning your vintage brooch. Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, YSL and Marni have all featured a plethora of assorted brooch styles on their runways in New trends feature an eclectic cluster of brooches worn on the same shoulder.

Think of a cluster of assorted flowers or a beautiful menagerie of ladybugs, bees and butterflies. Combining new pieces with more antique styles and monochromatic pins with colorful pieces adds a sense of playfulness and fun to the look.

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  • Use a brooch to close an asymmetrical cut sweater or jacket. Missing a top button on your favorite white blouse?

    Grandma's Brooch

    Adorn it with a decorative pin. Brooches can serve as gorgeous adornments in unexpected areas.

    Use a vintage brooch to close the back of your dress. Imagine a satin backless dress held together with a diamond brooch.

    Wear it on a beautiful chain for a floating effect or a silk cord or a strand of pearls around your neck for a formal affair. You can also hook it onto a barret for a bold hair look. Brooches can offer a sleek addition to any handbag.

    Grandma's brooch, preserved and now prominently displayed in @la

    Attach one or a cluster to a vintage clutch or a cloth handbag to polish up your look! Honor your grandmothers and great aunts by using their brooches in your wedding bouquet.

    Antiques Roadshow Items That Made Owners Crazy Rich

    Brooches with precious metals, diamond and gemstones are valuable.

    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch
    Grandmas Brooch Grandmas Brooch

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