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At low jpg setting, artifacts and pixelated effects can be visible.

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Linguistic artifacts show up just like in a jpeg file. The economy of contraction and expansion of words connects well with the typography of traditional American broadside printing. Fonts were chosen largely by what typefaces were at hand and would promise the largest words in a line, regardless if they fit stylistically with the types in the lines above or below. He is the current Chairman of the Irish Haiku Society.

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She and her sister Isabel worked as teachers of music. He later reviewed concerts of classical music in newspapers, and now can still pick up his fiddle when not too many people are around, or break the silence in a different way by playing Tibetan singing bowls and bells. Anatoly comes from a family of teachers and, as he often says, despite all his attempts to avoid an academic career it sometimes catches up with him.

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Unfortunately, this project hosted by the Irish Writers Centre was terminated in July but Anatoly can foresee the appearance of another organisation interested in giving migrants an introduction to Irish culture. He prefers to write fiction in Russian but he has never written a single haiku in this language considering English far more suitable for this purpose.

Anatoly has also authored seven collections of Russian poems and two books of English poems: Shadow of Time published in by Goldsmith Press and Morning at Mount Ring Doghouse Books which appeared in Project description :. It would also be justified to call this book trilingual: in addition to the original German version, the translation into Japanese and its writing in Japanese characters kanji and kana , every haiku is repeated in a romanized transcription romaji after Hepburn allowing for the pronunciation of the kanji and kana symbols.

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Making the phonetic side of the Japanese translation accessible was the explicit wish of the author. The Japanese title is pronounced yokaze no uta and literally re translates into songs or poems of the nightwind. First and foremost, the translator Midorikawa Masumi considers himself to be a mediator between two highly different linguistic systems, socio-cultural contexts and Weltanschauungen, between the fabulous haiku world imagined by an Austrian poet and the haiku-experienced Japanese reader.


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The translation is a free adaption. Michael Schneider created seven small woodcuts especially for this publication.

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Due to the limited edition of copies and the special quality. Birgit Riepl took over the printing process whenever Michael Schneider's arm got too weak.

Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)
Haiku (German Edition) Haiku (German Edition)

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