Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

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But making an enemy of ruthless, compelling Brandon Calhoun had consequences.

Soon Harriet had to face the truth — the thorn in her side was the only man she could ever desire! Cathy Williams. Kim Lawrence. Betty Neels. Maisey Yates.

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Elizabeth Lane. We'd love you to buy this book, and hope you find this page convenient in locating a place of purchase. We have partnered with Bookshout and recommend using their app as a simple way to read our e-books. Her blonde loose hair fell far down her back as she gazed upwards.


But it was not her standing in a tree that riveted him. It was the fact she was almost…naked. The grey chemise she wore was so threadbare he could see the rosiness of her rear and the large holes gave him glimpses of pure soft skin underneath. She pulled herself over a higher branch and straddled it.

Marrying the Enemy Mills & Boon Modern Tempted Inconveniently Wed!, Book 2

When she grasped it between her hands, her chemise pulled tight and the position outlined the generous curves of her body. By necessity, he leaned forward to get a better view. It was not enough; he stepped forward.


Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

He was less quiet, less hidden, but he did not care. She wore the most tantalising outfit ever conjured in his fantasies. He paused mid-step and adjusted his sword. Her husky voice was not that of a woodland nymph, but vengeful harpy. Someone was with her. And that cracked through his desire like the tip of a cold sword pricking his neck. Crouching back into the shadows, but not out of sight, Teague listened to her treasonous talk.

Her movements were abrupt, shaky, as she pulled herself up to the next branch. Whoever was with her remained silent. She not only spoke of treason, she talked like his enemy. Higher and higher she climbed, to the slenderest branches, and still she did not stop.

Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical): First edition – Mills & Boon UK

He edged closer, now confident she was alone. It was then he saw her goal: a bird caught by the leather straps around its legs. With one hand she tore at the thin strips of leather until the bird rose free. And why? So he could feed his fat belly! His enemy was here. And not a man, but a mere woman, who was neatly trapped in a tree. The thin branch she stood on swayed as it took her entire weight. Even from this distance, he saw her incredulity, then recognition, then a look so full of venom, he knew it mirrored his own.

Surging out from the broken tumbling limb, she swung her arms wildly, but it was not enough. Her arm, her body, her head glanced against unforgiving branches before her landing in his arms forced the breath from his lungs. She breathed, but blood coursed from her left temple. He laid her down, tore a strip off his outer tunic and wrapped the fabric around her head. Avoiding the deep gashes on her arms and legs, he felt for broken bones.

She was intact, but for her head, and she desperately needed a healer. She was his enemy, but she was alone. Her golden hair was matting with blood. With her paling complexion, she looked ready for the grave. If he left her here she would die. Cradling her head within the crook of his arm, he lifted her to his chest and whistled for his horse.

It would take precious time to reach Gwalchdu on foot, but he could not risk jarring her head. His enemies died by his own hand, not by some tree. Teague veered to his right. Rhain dismounted.

Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical): First edition

I could have told you how wasteful it was to separate for our search. Rhain stretched out his arms. Ffion may have the necessary herbs to help heal her. This was a woman: one so slight it was like holding nothing at all. Ffion would not be pleased when she knew whom he brought home. He did not want to leave her in the care of someone else. Ready my room. His attention was pulled to the woman in his arms. How wonderful to see they are still with Harlequin!

Does anyone know if the top 50 manuscripts chosen will also require a synopsis to be submitted at the same time? I want to be prepared, just in case. Frances Brown. Having had really great feedback from a New Voices comp a few years ago I was eager to enter this as the editors encouraged me then to write some more. I have been studying Creative Writing since then and writing the novel entered too so fingers crossed. It is a real butterfly in the stomach moment — finally releasing it from the caverns of my document folder.

My intention was to send it off at Xmas and then I heard of this comp.

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I have also popped a link to my Pinterest page which shows pictures of things that inspired the novel. I am really enjoying reading the chapters and it is lovely being part of a community of people who all have the same focus xx Karen Rollason. I am so impressed with the good will and classiness of my fellow entrants. Way to go! Kelly… read your entry. It was fab. I want to say that when writing my pitch, I mistakenly read the instructions for the query. Too late to change now. Only two days left! The nerves have just shifted into high gear! I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz — standing straight, eyes closed, tapping my heels three times and chanting.

So I went in a second time to submit, because I never hit the submit tab the first time. Can you tell me if it was submitted, please? I submitted it to Love Inspired Suspense. Thank You. Hey everyone!! I have my first chapter uploaded and have only gotten a few comment but still have my fingers crossed! If our ms is not completed though when should it be? Thank you and I would appreciate it. Thank you so much!

I love this contest. Hello Everyone!

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Looking forward to lots of comments and feedback on my story: Something Wicked for Nocture for those who are interested in having a look. I have a question for Victoria re the Heartwarming line. What time period is considered contemporary?

Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)
Her Dearest Enemy (Mills & Boon Historical)

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