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Sure, I like books with a supernatural twist — but the books I like are generally based in the real world, with a supernatural element thrown in. High school meets vampires; Southern gothic meets witchy goodness; teenage angst meets fallen angels.

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This was a case of full-immersion fantasy. Except as I read, I found that this was a good thing. The book further sucked me in as familiar characters came into play, and Crompton wove in delightful plot twists involving the likes of Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot and Gwenevere.

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Please note: I am NOT a fan of this musical. This is a retelling of the tale of King Arthur but from the fey perspective and featuring fey characters.

Merlin's Harp Book Series

I like that Crompton did this King Author retelling with a heavy emphasis on the Fey. I also enjoyed how Merlin and Niviene are a bit high-handed and super powerful but also have weaknesses and admit that they have made mistakes in their lives.

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Unfortunately the poor layout of the plot and the jumping around in time made this a struggle to get through and really take away from what could have been an amazing King Arthur retelling. Featured By kimberly-rowe November 1, 0.

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  8. November 1, 0. Rachael Rosenbaum on July 28, at am Hope this helps. Rachael Rosenbaum on August 2, at pm Rachael Rosenbaum on August 4, at am He wants whatever harp I find to last me forever!

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    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp
    Merlins Harp Merlins Harp

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