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Mine was different. The meal was almost over. We had waltzed through the appetizer and main course with a deceptive ease, pausing to refresh ourselves with a bit of green salad before soldiering on to the cheese course. That was when it happened. A slight mishap with a cheese knife and my reputation was ruined. Yes, I admit it.

It was I who cut the cheese—the wrong way.

When I passed the cheese platter, I was met with an accusing stare, which traveled from my bewildered face down to the bit of cheese I had just cut. It looked perfectly fine to me. Leaving a small piece of cheese with rind on three sides. Quelle horreur! That is just not done. Seeing my confusion, my tablemate, who just happened to be my husband, took pity on me, a poor, ignorant foreigner, and patiently instructed me on the Fine Art of Cutting Cheese.

Cheese cutting is a decidedly democratic act. Everyone at the table is entitled to the same level of quality. Quantity is a more personal choice.

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No one will blink if you decide to sample a nice wedge of every cheese on the plate. They will, however, cringe if you mangle the morsels with your deficient cutting skills. Once you have shared in the communal platter of pleasure, it is passed on down the table like a holy relic. Which means that should you mess up, your gaffe will be immediately obvious to the person sitting next to you. To make matters even more complicated, cheeses come in many different shapes and sizes, from classic wheels, to soft rectangles, to heart-shaped cutie-pies.

Without taking out a slide rule or a compass it is difficult to carve out an equitable wedge, one that is perfectly placed to not only deliver the best of what your cheese has to offer, but also leaves a similarly delectable and easy-to-cut piece for your dining partners. What to do? Fortunately, several cheese lovers have made instructional videos for the great unwashed and uploaded them to YouTube. Never fear, after you absorb a few rules, you will get the hang of it. Basically, do unto others as you would have them do unto your own wedge of cheese.

Leave the good stuff for everyone, take your share of the rind, and when possible, cut a wedge. Labels: Cheese , cheese cutting , France , manners , Paris. I hated my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. One morning, I was chatting with my friends in the school bus and we started dishing about Mrs.

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As I warmed to the subject, Carrie—who lived in an gated community known for excluding minorities—had a scoop. Carson is…. Carson participated in satanic rituals. I was taken aback. Not only did I doubt Mrs. Carson was a communist, but I was flummoxed by the use of the word as an insult. Carson, what would she think of my parents, lefty Jews from New York City?

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Was being a communist really that bad? Did they even really exist? After all, none of us had ever seen one. A cousin who was…a communist! Favik had come to France from Poland before WWII to study medicine, and his doctoring skills and various strokes of luck helped him avoid being deported by Vichy. He was fat and jovial and lived in a big house in Argenteuil. In fact, he seemed to have lots of money.

Since then, I have learned that in France, you can be a communist and still have fun. You can have a good job and lots of money, you simply have to vote and talk a certain way in certain situations. A dinner with a communist need not involve Molotov cocktails but simply alcoholic ones, especially now that the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall only exist as material for historic spy novels. Aside from a supporting role during the social explosion of May of , the masses of communists in France were never much of a threat to the established order, even if they did and do continue to march in the streets at the first whisper of a labor dispute.

And perhaps that is as it should be. Someone has got to at least shout back at the Captains of Industry, who have so clearly taken over the show on a global scale. Ah, the days of revolution seem to be far behind us. Or are they? Who knows what might be required after the startling election results of last night. Let no one build walls to divide us. Walls of hatred nor walls of stone.

Come greet the dawn and stand beside us. We'll live together or we'll die alone. In our world poisoned by exploitation. Those who have taken now they must give. And end the vanity of nations. We've but one earth on which to live.

Not only do they have some of the best doctors and hospitals in Europe, but the price is definitely right. But it seems that is no longer an issue.

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After watching from afar as Germany, Belgium and the UK profited from US medical pricing excesses, France has finally jumped on the medical tourism bandwagon. And while that care usually comes in a plain brown wrapper here in France bland waiting rooms, ugly doctors offices, minimal creature comfort options , this new program offers packages that include medical care, hotel stay and concierge service.

Paris Travel Guide

You simply send in your application with your medical records to a hospital specialist with a secure server, and they send you back a quote for the package. This often missed highlight of Versailles makes the crowds in the rest of the palace well worth the wait! Wander around Versailles and enjoy plenty of the museums the town has to offer. The evening of day three of this 5 days in Paris itinerary is your chance to experience the Latin Quarter, a district so called because students of the nearby Sorbonne university would solely converse with one another in Latin during the Middle Ages.

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Today, it remains the seat of plenty of universities and institutions of learning. As a result, the 5e arrondissement is filled with plenty of clubs, bars, and even independent cinemas showing movies from times gone by. If you arrive in the arrondissement early enough, also make some time to visit the Paris Pantheon , a former church that has since come to be the place where French citizens of note are interred.

If you want to make the most of Montmartre and I highly suggest you do , then dedicate an entire day to exploring the 18th arrondissement and its surrounds.

Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide
Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide
Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide
Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide
Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide
Paris completely - The Guide Paris completely - The Guide

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