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Hendre Ddu Bed and Breakfast, Cheap Hotel and Guest House Accommodation

Antigua ciudad de Caldea. He knows your worth, you must be patient.

Hendre - Holiday Cottage, Pontllyfni, Snowdonia

His wife was a saint, it's not easy to live up to a saint, and the other was a sinner. I remember in school we learned about that witch Anne Boleyn who had enticed some fat old king away from his true religious wife. There are such women. You are neither a saint nor a sinner but an ordinary, good, hard-working woman, and in time he will turn to you.

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You must be patient. Before too long you will have a little baby of your own and with a new family, Mr Ifans will become a new man, I promise you. Miss Catrin, who'll have her baby soon, is very happy. You must visit her; these things seem to be catching quite often.

Ianto saw them in the Sheaf the other day where she was attracting a lot of attention sitting there with her father like a little princess and demanding this and that. He never spoilt Tom and Catrin that way. But it won't do her much harm, perhaps. You could say I'd asked to see her, then you might be able to bring her here for a few days which could bring her down to earth a bit. Catrin was a proper little madam when she was two or three and poor Mrs Ifans was very worried about her.

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Of course Mari Elen will be able to start school now that she's three. That will do her a lot of good. Little ones don't have to attend in the afternoon, but I think Mari Elen will want to. She'll be fascinated by all the other children, she's a gregarious little thing and she'll love all the learning too.

Anyone can see how bright she is.

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Her half-sister Catrin was exactly the same. No, marriage isn't easy, I know that, but it's worth your best efforts, dear Lowri. Being called dear Lowri and being treated like a visitor was too much. Lowri burst into tears but Nano, busying herself with boiling a couple of fresh eggs and buttering some still warm scones, appeared not to notice. When she left to walk up the long hill to Cefn Hebog, Lowri realised that she hadn't had to relate any of her troubles to Miss Rees. She seemed to have known about them all and only advised her to be patient. Mr Ifans, Josi rather, would turn to her eventually if only she was patient and loving.

She would be patient and loving, of course she would, but it was the nights which were the worst, the nights were often very long. She went to bed feeling tired but after about ten minutes she was wide awake and wondering where he was. He often went out for long, dark walks and then slept in the little attic bedroom which was both cold and damp. He said he wasn't going to sleep with her while he was so restless. Her body cried out for his closeness and warmth. Was Miss Rees right? Would he turn to her, his ordinary little wife, if she was patient and loving? She had to believe it.

She simply had to. I don't want you to go out without us. Where have you been? That wasn't kind, was it Dada? Only she's always got work to do. Washing the floor, feeding those nasty old hens and searching for eggs. Tell her what a lovely dinner we have in the Sheaf. I like the dinner that Lowri cooks best. Especially her liver and bacon and especially her apple tart. It was the first time Mari Elen had ever called Lowri her little mother. Lowri's eyes filled with tears.

She felt suddenly happy. She felt that Miss Rees might be right after all. Miss Rees was hard on all of us, none of us was allowed to be idle for even five minutes, but she took good care of us as well and never made us work too hard. I remember I never had to tell her when I was ill or in pain, she knew by my pale face, and she'd find some easy tasks for me.

We were her family and she was very kind to us in her own way.

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She told me how she'd hated having to dismiss Ceridwen Morris that time. I wonder what Ceridwen had done to offend her?

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Anyway, Miriam put a stop to all that. I never flirted with anyone after meeting Miriam. I haven't forgiven myself yet. I haven't yet made my peace with Rachel or with Miriam. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Contemporary Fiction. Return to Hendre Ddu.

Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu
Return to Hendre Ddu Return to Hendre Ddu

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