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Speaking of Shunya, Gogo Penguin said: 'We've been watching him since he first started out. His latest EP Mountain Gazer is a massive leap forward in both production and composition. Gig Listings. Latest News. Our Story. Alan Keary, aka Shunya, will play the Kasbah on November 6th. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Mick Dolan.

  • Konsumentenverhalten - Eine genderorientierte Marktbetrachtung eröffnet neue Perspektiven (German Edition).
  • Shunya Yagi.
  • Fruit Chans Durian Durian (The New Hong Kong Cinema).

Brian Deady confirmed for Dolans Warehouse in December. A Folk Singer from Himachal. Koovagam Festival. The Kumbh Mela. Dholavira : A Harappan Metropolis. Forbidden City. Bodh Gaya.

Anandpur Sahib. Melting Girls, Serpent Women. The Rann of Kutch.


Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka. A Collective Madness New! What Freedom Means New! A short essay on the occasion of India's 72nd Independence Day. Storytelling as Life and Art New! Making Sense of Cryptocurrencies New! The animating ideology of the cryptocurrency movement, its likely effects on society, and its odds of success.

On the Politics of Identity The highs and lows of identity politics, and why despising it is no smarter than despising politics itself. Delhi: the City of Rape? On how caste patriarchy in urban India hijacks and distorts the reality of gender violence.


Ambedkar in the Indian Imagination On Ambedkar's place in the Indian imagination, and why he hasn't received his due from upper-caste Indians. On Eating Animals "Is it then unreasonable to say that nearly all meat-eaters in America participate quite directly in a cycle of suffering and cruelty of staggering scale? Indians Abroad: A Story from Trinidad A brief history of the Indian diaspora in Trinidad—today over half-a-million strong—from the colonial era to the present.

On Caste Privilege Much has been written about the unearned privilege of race and gender. What does the privilege of caste look like in Indian society? How and why has caste been politicized? What are its distinguishing features? Six decades later, how close is it to Ambedkar's inspiring vision of democracy? The Blight of Hindustan A brisk overview of the caste system in India: its origins, spread, persistence, and some historical attitudes and debates.

In Light of Nalanda A portrait of the ancient Nalanda University based on the accounts of Chinese scholars of 7th century CE and impressions from a personal visit. Decolonizing My Mind On the politics surrounding the arrival and the spread of English in the colonies and the peculiar world of the Indian writer in English. War and the American Republic With the end of combat operations in Iraq, a fresh look under the hood of American jingoism. The Minangkabau: Mixing Islam and Matriarchy This matriarchal society of Muslims in Indonesia reminds us that religion and culture are never cut from whole cloth.

America, the Cold War, and the Taliban The roots of transnational Islamic terrorism lie not so much in culture and the Qur'an as in politics and the conduct of the Cold War in Afghanistan. Asian Food for Thought India and China illustrate the vast range and malleability of the human palate—and the power of ideas in shaping it.

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

What Confucius Said Perhaps no person has left a deeper mark on Chinese culture than Confucius, who lived years ago in an age of social turmoil. Homosexuality in India "We don't have any" is the classic Indian response to homosexuality in India. Curiously, Indians say this even when they know of and tolerate homosexual acts.

  • Abnehmkur mit Schüssler-Salzen (German Edition).
  • Women Runners?
  • Law, Culture, and Ritual: Disputing Systems in Cross-Cultural Context;
  • Ratings and reviews.

On Herodotus' Histories What in his outlook and judgment is still noteworthy nearly 2, years later? An evaluation of Herodotus as a historian. The Other Swastika Can the symbol ever be redeemed in the eyes of the West? What might be lost and what could be gained in doing so? What Do We Deserve?

Shunya Vada | Philosophy of Nothing Reinvented

Of particular relevance to market-based societies is the question, 'What do we deserve? On the Void of Nagarjuna The works of Nagarjuna, the great Buddhist philosopher who lived in South India years ago, represent "something of a watershed The Inner Lives of Animals Do non-human animals live entirely in the moment?

Given the spate of behavioral studies, what can we justifiably say about the inner lives of animals? The Dearth of Artificial Intelligence Despite big advances in computing, AI has fallen woefully short of its ambition and hype. Why is AI in such a braindead state? Being Liberal in a Plural World In the absence of a consensus on the 'truly universal' values of liberalism, and hence rights—whether on empirical or practical grounds—how is a liberal to act in the world?

Advice to a Young Artist The idea for writing this came to me from an interview in which an author was reverentially asked, "Sir, what would be your advice to a young artist? On Knowledge Without Wisdom Philosophy today is not how the Greeks understood it, as the love of wisdom.

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  6. It now paves the way for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge as an end in itself. Atheistic Materialism in Ancient India It comes as a surprise to many that in ancient "spiritual" India, atheistic materialism was a force to reckon with. From the Outside, Looking In Speaking of Muslims as fanatics or terrorists isn't even considered bad manners; it's seen as a comic expression of the truth. The Legend of Virinara. The Lottery of Birth.

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    Leaving Idaho. Only the Eyes Are Mine. Ambedkar's classic, Annihilation of Caste. The Terrain of Indignities A review of Ajay Navaria's Unclaimed Terrain , a book of short stories translated from Hindi, and a conversation with the author. The Revenge of the East? James A.


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